Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Celebrating Our Ancestors...

By: Lindsey Howard
Blog Editor

Welcome to Chicago Genealogical Society's Blog. We endeavor to create a community of resources and support for those interested in Chicago genealogy.    One of CGS's missions is to encourage the collection, preservation, and perpetuation of ancestral records.  This blog will be an interactive tool for our community to share the indelible people they encounter on their research quests.  We will publish current genealogy news and report on local and CGS events. We hope to ignite your interest in your own family history by sharing stories of others, and create opportunities for community connections.

The people of the Chicagoland area have influenced the world in ways grand and humble. From stockyard laborers forming some of the country's first unions, to Blues and Vaudeville performers trying to make their way in the electric city of Chicago. Southern Migrants seeking better opportunities. The many that built our great city upwards with their own sweat. Innovators of industry, policy and culture have thrived in Chicago. And that is just raking the surface of what has flourished around the City in a Garden.

Researching genealogy can lead down divided boulevards of history in a highly personal, authentic way. It is not just reading a historical fact, it is putting that fact in the context of a real life. Discovering the struggles and achievements of our lineage connects us to a world that is greater than the sum of our individual life. There are many extraordinary stories in everyday people. When we cease to tell our family's stories, we untie the threads that bind us to the land and culture.

We hope you enjoy the topics we cover here and that you will share your own as well! If you have a suggestion for a topic, please email us at

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  1. Lindsey, I just found your blog thanks to Julie Cahill Tarr's GenBlog. Wonderful! I've been working on--and blogging about--our family's roots in Chicago for most of the past year, and just returned from another trip there.

    I'm looking forward to following your group's blog and website for more Chicago area connections.

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