Sunday, August 12, 2012

Remembering Patti

 By: Stephanie Pierce Carbonetti
 CGS Newsletter Editor

In Memoriam-
The Chicago Genealogical Society was saddened to learn that Patricia Feeley passed away on 31 May 2012. She was a long time member of the Chicago Genealogical Society, joining July 1, 1970. She was 2nd vice president of membership for numerous years and also chaired the nominating committee.
On behalf of the CGS, the Board of the CGS wishes to convey to Patti’s family how sorry we were to learn of her passing. We send our sincere condolences to the extended family for your loss.

In Memory of Patricia Eileen Feeley.
August 4, 1941 - May 31, 2012
Patti was a feisty, Irish woman who had a zest for life. She was a no nonsense kinda lady and always told you how she felt. I am guessing many of our members had the honor of crossing paths with her at some point either regarding membership or a possible board position.

I first meet Patti in October 2007 when I attended a CGS board meeting to learn more about taking on the position as society newsletter editor. At that meeting, I first learned Patti was a straight shooter who would always have a Diet Pepsi (my kind of friend) and a gluten free snack she was always trying to share. I didn’t know that day that as the newsletter editor I would be working so much with Patti in the coming years and gain a friend along the way.

NEW MEMBERS FOR THE CGS NEWSLETTER…..This is a typical email I would get from Patti. At first I thought she was yelling at me until I figured out it was just her style. She worked tirelessly on the CGS membership renewals. She did all the mailings, processed the paperwork, getting deposits to our treasurer, updating mailing labels & email listings and following up with people who didn’t renew. She often helped people out who could not remain or who had lost funding. If she didn’t hear from a member she would pick up the phone and call. Must have been the “911” training.

Over the years, the membership position required more computer skills to get the job done. She would fuss (I mean FUSS) about the computer but she put her mind to it and learned the skills. Patti learned how to do spreadsheets and merge the names into WORD for labels to mail the newsletters and quarterlies.
Chicago Genealogical Society, July/August 2012 6

The best I would have to say is Patti’s phone calls. She would call me about CGS and then somehow we would get off the subject. She would always share one of her “life stories”. Many I can’t share here.

She was a very caring person and always looking out for you. Once she called my house and left a message on the answering machine. She proceeded to tell me that my greeting was all wrong and that it needed to be changed (that “911” training again). She called me every day that week until I finally listened to her and changed it. Thanks Patti.

She was a diehard genealogist who could tell you all about researching in Chicago. She cared so much about CGS and making records available to the public. Just a few months ago she made a donation to the Newberry Library to purchase a set of Cook County microfilms. One of her ancestor’s record was among the records donated.

I know several members of the CGS including myself considered her a good friend and she will be missed so much. We were very lucky to have her as a member for so many years and grateful for all her contributions to CGS.

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