Monday, November 5, 2012

City Residents: Sawyer and Schultz

Our Chicago Genealogical Society recently received donations of two 19th century photographs of city residents. They were of STOWE SAWYER and EDWIN SCHULTZ.

Frank Stowe Sawyer
(photo courtesy of Chicago Genealogical Society)
Born in Batavia, Illinois in February 1854, Frank Stowe Sawyer was living in Chicago between 1883
and 1886. The photograph was taken in 1885. He was the pastor of the “Northwest Congregational
Chapel” in Chicago during those years. In 1887 he moved to South Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he was the pastor of the South Milwaukee Congregational Church. He died in South Milwaukee in December1900.

Edwin Schultz
(photo courtesy of Chicago Genealogical Society)

Edwin Schultz was born in Chicago in January 1898. He married Emily Igel in February 1919 after he was mustered out of the army. His photograph, taken in 1918, shows him in his army uniform. He was living in Chicago with his wife and son, Edwin, Jr., as late as 1940.

Persons interested in these families can contact Craig Pfannkuche, our Society’s Corresponding
Secretary for additional data concerning these individuals. Over 300 19th century ”named” photographs of Chicago residents are being held by him. Contact him through our website for information concerning those names.
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